To honor those who died from COVID-19 in the world

We want to offer this social innovation initiative to remember those we’ve lost

The number of known coronavirus cases in the world surpassed 26,000,000 as September 4 th , 2020. And more than 6 Million just in USA have died of Covid-19. Among the victims have been a teacher, a nurse, a school counselor, a coach, a supermarket worker, a police officer, and MY FATHER…

Our parents have been there from the moment we came into their arms and although we know that they will die one day, it is impossible to imagine someone who has always been there to suddenly disappear…

The death of one of our parents takes us to a world we have thought about, but for which we are never prepared. Suddenly we feel as if the ground has broken way, feeling as if we are slipping through a great void, without direction or consciousness.

I have lived my own grief, beginning with crying out that it wasn’t true, when one morning in March, I answered the call about the terrible news. I refused to accept it, as I was unable to travel to Madrid due to COVID-19, the same virus that took my father’s life.

I felt an out of place anger, an inappropriate fury, and a disproportionate rage. An anger towards everything and everyone. Even with myself for not being more on top of his well-being, for not seeing it coming. But I got even angrier with the health system for not providing masks to the elderly so that they would be better protected from COVID-19. I even got mad at my father for dying …

Then I made a temporary truce and lost myself in a thousand theories:
“If only …” , “What if …” Wishing life would go back to what it was.
Longing with every moment that dad would return.

I received an unwelcome visitor called depression, I invited it to sit next to me and share the sky where my gaze was lost. And without me noticing, we traveled together to the deepest place in my soul where I rebuilt myself from scratch; to finally accept that dad had physically departed and that this is my new reality.

This is how I began to sadly realize that it was my father's time to die. And I promised myself that his death would not be in vain, that I would undertake an initiative to produce masks locally, so that other people
could be better protected against this virus.

We can never replace our parents, but we can strengthen our connections, as we find a new and deeper meaning in our life purpose.

I seem to hear my father – Tadeusz Dolinski Lagoda – say to me: “You can do it, ELenita!”

“During this pandemic, a person’s right to life begins with another person’s duty to self-protect wearing a face covering”

Elena Dolinski, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur


We are doing our part to help reactivate the local economy while we ensure the skills, resources and peace of mind of our communities’ members.

Our aim is to bring together Corporations, Women, LGBTQ’s individuals and High School Graduates – Class of 2020, in order to help boost the local economies of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, while supporting survivors and individuals affected by COVID-19 that have lost their jobs during the pandemic.

For that purpose, the program seeks to integrate young graduates with social causes, by encouraging them to enter a challenge of creating a FACE MASK DESIGN, with the opportunity to win a monetary prize and the big satisfaction of helping their community! The selected mask will be sewn by members from the local
community who will be provided with sewing machines and a job to sewing face mask from their homes.

Filling the form will help UKANDOIT GLOBAL team better understand who you are and how we can work together to support and empower High School Graduates.

Through your participation in UKANDOIT GLOBAL, you will help us to help others.



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