Stand with People in Crisis

The goal of this Challenge is to stand up for people caught in crisis worldwide and ensure the U.S. is a leader in humanitarian response.

Compared to a decade ago, there are more humanitarian crises, impacting the lives of more people, across the globe. Together with the spread of COVID-19, global needs are rapidly outpacing resources — putting millions of lives at risk. CARE advocates are defending civilians’ rights in crisis with those positioned to make a difference. Without action, humanitarian needs will continue to grow, and vulnerable people will continue to suffer.


  • Poster Boards & Markets
  • Camera
  • Phone or Device


Visit: And send an email to your officials with one click!

Use your phone to take a picture of you sharing the following information in a poster: “Join us to help save lives and reduce the suffering of the most vulnerable.”

Complete the Challenge:

Submit the email confirmation received from CARE Action

Post your picture with an invitational message to participate in this Challenge on your social media account and encourage your friends to join you in the fight against poverty and injustice, tag #UkandoitGlobal #SGD#1 #FightAgainstPoverty and submit the link of your social media post.

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